Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spider Jump

The Wolfchase mall has this thing called the spider jump. They put you in a harness and then you jump on a trampoline and you go ridiculously high in the air. Well Emi has been doing it for over a year and Brian is always wanting to let Jack do it - UMM, NO WAY!! Well, one day Brian wasn't taking no for an answer and he insisted that Jack do it with Emi. Well, Jack loved it. We have never heard that boy make so many happy squeals - if someone had tried to sell us one of those contraptions right then and there we would have bought one!

So anyway, there I am watching Jack jump in the spider jump in the middle of a crowded mall and sobbing uncontrollably - there are very few things that give him that much joy and guess what? we will be doing that every time we go to the mall now!!

Getting strapped in

getting the hang of it

going high

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kristen said...

That is awesome! I love how Dads take those chances that are (usually) so worth it!