Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

Easter was 3 days away and Emi was super excited about dying eggs. After dinner we decided we would go ahead a dye our eggs. I had the good sense of mind to tell Emi to go ahead and change into her PJ's for fear of her getting the dye on her clothes and I covered the table with pee pads and beach towels so my table would be spared. As we started to dye the first egg I realized that I hadn't put enough vinegar in the cups so I got up from the table to get the vinegar and Brian followed me - that's when disaster struck. Jack managed to grab the beach towel and pulled all 5 containers of dye onto his sister and the floor. I, always being the calm rational one, FREAKED OUT!! The dye was all over the table, the chairs, the floor, had splashed up all over the cabinets and was all over my children. As Brian and I were frantically trying to clean up the dye we instructed Emi to strip down in the kitchen and then go get some clean PJ's on. We failed to realized that she had dye all over her legs and bottom - poor thing had a multi-colored bum for days. Thankfully we managed to clean up the mess without any damage done to my kitchen or furniture. Next year we will be doing that OUTSIDE!!

before the incident

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kristen said...

That totally sounds like something that would happen to me! We didn't even dye eggs this year, so maybe I lucked out!