Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easter 2011

Emi does not care for the Easter Bunny or Santa to come into her room while she is sleeping so we have to put a chair at the end of the hallway to block anyone from going back to her room and just in case that wasn't enough she wrote a note to the Easter Bunny asking him not to come into her room :)

Easter morning!! Found the first clue to where her basket is hidden.

Found it!

Jack with his first clue

found his basket

Easter egg hunting with the cousins

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beth said...

Emi is a girl after my own heart!! I did the same thing with Santa. I made my brother write a letter telling santa to bring my presents, but to not come in my room!!!

When I went out of town a few weeks ago, you hadn't posted in forever. When I looked to day, I got all caught up:)