Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elmo Live

As we all know Jack is completely obsessed with Elmo so when I saw that Elmo Live was coming to Memphis I immediately purchased tickets and not just any tickets but 4th row, center tickets that cost a gazillion dollars but like I have said before there are not too many things that Jack actually cares about so that is how I justified the cost. I was so excited to see his reaction when he got to see all of his favorite Sesame Street characters literally in front of his face!!!

The big day arrived, we got to the Forum, we got into our seats and the show started. To my horror he could have cared less. I think he was overwhelmed with all of the music and people and we were so close to the stage that it was just too much for his senses. After intermission they had the stage set up like Elmo's World and I thought for sure he would get into that - nope. He was checking out the people behind his and looking at the ceiling, I'm pretty sure he never even noticed that Elmo was 10 feet in front of him. At least Emi enjoyed it :)

before the show

anxiously awaiting the start of the show

checking out the stage

a little peak at the show

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