Saturday, December 27, 2008

Emi's Camera

My in-laws gave Emi her very own digital camera for christmas. She adores it! The camera holds 250 pictures and she can blow through those in about 5 minutes.

I had to share some of the pictures that she has taken.

A New Way to Play Video Games

We have been feverishly trying to potty train Emi. We have purchased every potty they make in hopes that she will bond with one and actually use it. She finally connected with the hot pink baby bjorn potty. The only issue I have with this potty is that she can easily scoot herself, while still seated on the potty, into any room she pleases.

Yesterday, this is what we found her doing.

There is nothing like playing video games while doing your business!

Merry Christmas

Santa was very good to our children this year! Here are a few pictures of them enjoying their christmas goodies.

My Christmas Present

For years I have been complaining - nightly that I want a new mattress. I hated our queen size mattress - there was not enough room and it was horribly uncomfortable. Well, look what Santa brought me - a king size pillow top!

And here is a shot of Brian and Emi enjoying Mommy's present.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love This!

I came across this song and I just love it! Wanted to share it.

School Pictures

I just had to publish Emi's first official school picture. I can't believe she is old enough to have a school picture!


Emi was almost 1 her first Christmas so, seeing Santa for the very first time was quite traumatic! Last year, when we walked by Santa at the mall - she would totally lose it. Needless to say, we have no picture of Emi with Santa during her second Christmas.

Hello 2008. My how things change! Emi's cousin Rebecca said that she would not visit Santa unless Emi went with her. When I explained this to Emi she agreed to go and we ended up getting the best picture and those girls didn't hesitate a bit to run up to Santa and tell him that they wanted Barbies for Christmas.

Muscle Shoals

For Thanksgiving, we went to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and stayed at the Marriott Resort and Spa - it was awesome! We love that place, we go there every fourth of July for a long weekend - this year we went twice. In the lobby of the hotel they had a huge 20 foot tree with a train running underneath the tree. The train track was outlined with ginger-bread houses and the coolest part was they had a snow machine somehow on the ceiling and it was snowing in the lobby - real snow all day long on thanksgiving day. Let me just tell you that getting Emi out of the lobby was nearly impossible! I am pretty sure that I logged at least 8 hours in the lobby of that hotel while we were there.

Emi probably walked 2 miles following that train around the tree!

showing me where santa was

my little man chillin' in the hotel bed

Christmas is here!

i love, love, love this time of year. we decided to put a tree in emi's room this year and let her decorate it herself. she doesn't quite grasp the concept of spreading the ornaments out throughout the tree, all of the ornaments were hanging on one branch and i think the tree was about to fall over, so she got a little help from mom - even though she didn't want the help and we spread them out. i hear that they have princess lights at walgreens, we may have to purchase those to add to her tree.

the beads were by far, her favorite!

trying to figure out how to hang the ornaments

jack and daddy in front of the "big tree"

Jack's Baptism

so, we finally joined our church (after 2 1/2 years of visiting) and we were able to baptize Jack. it was really sweet and touching and i pretty much sobbed like a baby throughout the entire thing. we had a luncheon afterwards and really enjoyed spending that special day with our friends and family.

our little family

baby boy sleeping - it can be hard work getting sprinkled!

emi and rebecca - best buddies!

dad and jack after the party, this was just their attempt to get out of cleaning up!