Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day at Lebonheur

We knew this day was quickly approaching and I have been dreading this day since we started therapy at lebonheur 3 years ago. In the state of Tennessee you age out of the early intervention system at 3 and you get placed in the school system - this means we must say good-bye to Lebonheur. We started when Jack was 5 months old going 3 times a week. That place became a safe-haven for me, no one judged you or your child and if you were having a problem with anything that was the best place to be. During a time of such heartache and grief I would find such comfort in talking with the other moms or just hashing things out with our therapists. I should also add that 99% of my friends are moms that I met sitting in that waiting room. Jack's therapists quickly became part of our family and I just could not imagine our life without them. The therapists threw a "graduation" party for Jack, here are some pics from the party.

When you graduate you get to put your handprints on the wall. Paulette volunteered to do Jack's handprint - she is a brave soul!

the finished product

His therapy friends singing Happy Birthday

Paulette and Jack (his Physical therapist, she has been with him since day 1)

Jack with Lakesha (his Occupational Therapist)

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