Friday, September 26, 2008

Get To Know You Questions

Q: What is your name given at birth? Pamela Joy Podgorski

Q: Why were you given your particular name? Pamela was given to me because my parents were big Dallas fans and they both thought that Pamela Ewing was so pretty and that's how that got Pamela. Joy because that is my grandmother's name.

Q: What is your hometown/town of birth? Memphis, TN

Q: Where do you currently reside? Memphis, TN

Q: What do you do? I stay at home with my two children. I also pick up my 15 year old brother from school every weekday and stay with him until around 4:30.

Q: What is your hair color? Naturally? Brown. Currently? Blonde

Q: Have you loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes

Q: Are you a cat or dog person? I have always been a dog person. We have Ichiro (named after Ichiro Suzuki from the Seattle Mariners) and the longer we have her the more I think I am becoming a cat person. Cats are alot less maintenance.

Q: Have you ever had a pet that was not a cat or dog? Yes, we gave Emi a fish for her birthday that she named Birthday Fish, he was with us for about 5 months before he was buried at sea.

Q: What is your favorite food? Favorite drink? Food: anything that I do not have to cook. If I had to pick, any type of pasta. Drink: depends on the time of day. Before noon: Coffee. Afternoon: Dr. Pepper. Dinner: a nice glass of wine.

Q: Do you play a musical instrument? I can play the piano and flute, although it has been many years since I have played either.

Q: Are you a morning or night person? usually a morning person - since Jack was born and I no longer get a full night sleep I am just a person who looks forward to bedtime!

Q: What is your favorite kind of music? When I have the kids in the car we only listen to K-Love or Veggie-Tales. My favorites are Phil Wickham, Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Sara Evans.

Q: Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons all the way

Q: What is your preferred ice cream? Vanilla with chocolate chips

Q: What is the best day of the year? Christmas - I love being surrounded by family and watching the kids get so excited to open presents and all the usual traditions that come with the christmas season - lights, trees, good food!

Q: What's your favorite flower? Lillies and gerber daisies - really anything that I don't kill in the garden.

Drive Thru Etiquette

This morning after rushing two kids, a dog and myself out the door before the maid came, I was in desperate need of a cup of coffee. Obvious answer - Starbucks! When I pull into the parking lot the drive thru was wrapped around the building four times. I, of course, wait in it because I was that desperate for caffeine. As I am waiting in line, I notice that the three cars in front of me have no one in the car except the driver - go park your lazy butt in a space and walk inside to get your coffee and please reserve the drive-thru for people with children and pets in the car. THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ughhhh - Tummy Time

(he is yelling at me)

So on our last visit to the doctor, she informed us that Jack has flat-head and that we should do tummy time as much as possible. YUCK! He absolutely hates it - he screams the entire time he is on is tummy and then screams for 30 minutes afterwards just to make sure we know that he didn't like it. So we drug out the bouncy horse that I got as a shower gift and started putting him in that (it is basically a stationary Johnny Jumper). He tolerates that for about 10 to 20 minutes before the screaming starts. Here is the thing, Emi thinks that it is a swing, so everytime he is in the bouncy horse she goes behind it and pushes it as if you would a swing and poor Jack is just bouncing all around getting whip lash. I have tried to explain to her that it is not a swing but that just goes in one ear and out the other. So now when Jack is in bouncy horse jail we have to be on patrol so that his big sister doesn't send him flying across the room.

Emi and Pop-Pop

Last weekend we attended the Cotton Carnival in Sommerville with my mom (G-Pearl) and step-dad (Pop-Pop). Almost everyone knows that my parents were in a really bad car accident on June 24. We are so lucky to have them still here with us, especially Pop-Pop as his injuries were far more serious and extensive. This picture is of Emi and Pop-Pop walking to the festival, and I just love it. It is so good to see him doing so well! Emi loves her Pop-Pop and thinks that "Yum Yum Eat 'Em Up" is the funniest thing ever!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Emi Likes to Rock Out To:

Emi Joy



We felt a strong need for the Matochik's to have a bigger presence on the world wide web. So this is it. The Matochik's are not an insightful people, as such this is all we could think of for now. More to come later (hopefully).

Thanks for reading.