Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Lovin'

We've had another uneventful but fun week at the Matochik household. I am just now starting to enjoy our summer break, can't believe it's almost over :(

Emi loved tennis camp so much last week that I signed her up again this week - she is going to be our tennis star! 

We met some friends at the JCC and swam for hours (which was pretty good considering I had Jack and was by myself!)

When Jack gets annoyed with you he gives you the "blinkies" - I guess he was sick of me taking pictures because here he is, giving me the "blinkies" :)

Jack's new toy (gait trainer) came in and we got to take it home. He did great with it at therapy but it's not going so well at home. We have carpet and he's not strong enough to move it over the carpet so we will have to do it outside in the garage or on the patio. He really hates it but it's just going to take time for us all to get adjusted to it :)

We watched the Opening Ceremony Friday night - I was so excited to share this experience with Emi. We tried to explain what the olympics were and that's tough to do to a 6 year old - all she wanted to know was when Memphis was going to compete. When we tried to explain that our country competes not our city, she lost all interest and just wanted to play Uno. sheesh! Oh well, maybe she will get into it for the winter olympics in 2 years :)

Brian and I got to go out on a date - which is always news because it so rarely happens :) We went to Elfo's.  I just love that place!! Plus it has sentimental value for us, Elfo's use to be Three Oaks Grill which is where we both used to work and how we met. Hmmmm, I can still taste my brie stuffed salmon over asparagus risotto. YUM!!

My book club turned 5 (although I only started going 3 years ago). I love these ladies - they are lots of fun!!

And I've been too lazy to cook anything new so no new recipes this week - we've been enjoying a week of take-out plus Brian was traveling and I never cook when he travels. I figure I am maintaining the household and kids all by myself so I get a break when he's not here - I'm not wonder woman! Anyway, that's how I justify it :)

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