Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Last Summer Hurrah

This past weekend was our last weekend of summer break and we decided to head off to Muscle Shoals. If you haven't noticed, we kind of like that place ;) 

lunch before swimming

 Jack is super annoyed with his hat and wouldn't look at me :)

And here is super annoyed Emi Joy having to stop swimming for 5 seconds so Mom can take a picture. Their Mom is so horrible!

Jack and his BFF Ball Popper hanging out on the hotel bed

We noticed the last time we were here (3 weeks ago) that Jack really liked grabbing the curtains. We did our best to capture it on photo but mainly you just see me carrying everything we own to the swimming pool.

Emi relaxing by the pool

Jack just prefers to watch Elmo 

my 3 sunbathers

hot tub time

walking over the bridge to get to the water slide

Jack LOVES the slide!

hanging out with mom, he peed on me right after this picture was taken, ahhh the joys of motherhood ;)

nap time - this kid can sleep anywhere!

Here's Jack all decked out for hanging by the pool. He had the best ride at the pool complete with umbrella for shade and iPad for Elmo withdrawals ;)

We had a blast - wish we were still there :) 

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beth said...

We have got to go there!! You talk about it all the time. They need to give y'all like a frequent visitors discount:)