Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Fun

This past week has been a typical summer week for us. Lots going on but nothing to get overly excited about. Here are some of the highlights of our week.

I don't think I've introduced you to Shelly yet. Shelly is our pet turtle. We "adopted" her from our neighbors who went to live as missionaries in Costa Rica. We basically saved her from an untimely demise - they couldn't find anyone to take her and were going to have to release her in the wild (which would have killed her) and the kids were heartbroken and crying - did I mention that all of this took place in my kitchen the day before they moved out of their house? Well, I do have a heart and could not resist taking Shelly plus Emi promised me that she would feed her and help clean her cage - hahaha, like that's ever happened!! Well, she has grown a lot in the year that we've had her so this week we upgraded her to a new, much bigger cage and bought her a rock to rest on. When we first put the rock in she didn't know what to do with it - she was trying desperately to get that thing out of her cage! After 2 days she finally figured out that the rock was for lounging and she fell in love. She stays up there all day and I think she likes it - I am assuming this by the way she kicks her back legs out ;)

 The rock has the Shelly "leg of approval"

Jack got in a little tummy-time

Emi started tennis camp - she has found her sport. 
She LOVES tennis, now I am on the hunt for tennis lessons.

Jack got in some standing time. 
He is such a ham, he lights up as soon as he sees the camera :)

Emi completed her summer packet from Westminster to prepare her for 
First Grade - gulp, how did she get this old so fast?!?!

And of course, we did quite a bit of swimming :)

Hard to believe there are only 2 weeks of summer left!!

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