Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wheeler Family Reunion

This past weekend we had our annual Wheeler Family Reunion. We started out with dinner at Amerigo's friday night, the boys and Becky :) played golf on saturday followed by a bbq dinner/swim party at Dad and Darnelle's house and we ended the evening watching our neighborhood firework show. It was a great weekend and we are tired today!! Looking forward to next year!!

Friday Night Dinner at Amerigo's
 Brian and Emi

 Louise (Meme), Jack and Me

 Me and Sara

Saturday Night BBQ Dinner
 Jack hanging out in his spot with the ball popper

 Annette and Louise

 KK working really hard

 Emi and Eli having some sort of deep conversation by the pool

 Forced to be nice to each other so Mom can get a picture

Jack and his buddy Makenna

I found me a baby to play with ;)

 Jack and Becky

 Jack and Dad with a sparkler - he's really into it and pant less, it was a great party!

 everyone getting into the sparkler action

Neighborhood Firework Show
 Emi is always nervous about watching the fireworks

 Jack couldn't be bothered to watch fireworks - he stayed in the car so he could watch Elmo

Happy Fourth of July!!

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