Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Jewelry Holder

I have been wanting a jewelry holder for quite some time. Several people have "pinned" DIY instructions on Pinterest so I decided to make myself one. That's where I should have stopped and said to myself "No! you are crazy, just buy one. This will not turn out like the picture on Pinterest, put the supplies down and RUN out of Lowe's." But do I listen to myself - NO! 

I made them a few days ago and have recovered enough from my wounds (both physically and emotionally) to blog about it. 

Here was my awful Jewelry situation. Yes, that is a ziploc bag - I ran out of room in my bowl :) Obviously something needed to be done!

So, I gathered up my supplies and got to work. I must add that since it is summer and Emi is not in school she was with me as I was gathering supplies at Lowe's and insisted that "we" make her one as well. I bought chicken wire, 2 picture frames, picture hangers, cup hooks and a staple gun.

Emi couldn't find the color frame she wanted so we bought an unfinished frame and painted it with glitter blast spray paint. 

ready to paint!

Emi hard at work

first coat done

here is the finished picture of Emi's. I somehow missed some pics in between the first coat of spray paint and the finished product - oops ;) See that red stuff of the mallet? It's not my blood but it may as well have been - cutting that $#%& chicken wire almost killed me and I'm about 100% sure I need a tetanus shot after this little project. 

I used the picture hangers to hang her necklaces.

the cup hooks are for the bracelets

finished product. Now, I wanted to take that chicken wire and throw it out the window, the last thing I wanted to do was do this all over again. I mean, I barely had any skin left on my hands as it was! But I had started with Emi's (should've done mine first!) and I still wanted mine so I bravely pressed on.

finished mine BUT

when I turned it over the staples had ruined the finish of the frame - ughhhh!

I hung it up anyway and you can hardly tell - it just gives it that distressed look. Plus it's just going in my bathroom so no one is really going to ever see it :)

Yay, finally finished!!

I really need to find a support group for people who think they can handle these Pinterest projects!

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