Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My sweet Papaw went to heaven after living for 92 years. He was so sick and ready to leave this earth and we were ready for him to be out of pain but that doesn't take the sadness away. I have such wonderful memories of him. He and my grandmother threw the best Fourth of July parties that the entire family would come in town for. We would look forward to the party for weeks. He was a carpenter by trade so he was always tinkering around in his garage - if we came to him and complained of being bored he would plop down a box of wood scraps, hammer & nails and tell us to build something. He also used to rent some land to farm on in Shelby Farms and we use to go help him dig up potatoes and carrots and pick green beans. I have very few memories of him actually inside his house, he was always outside working on projects. He was a great man, I am so grateful that he was around long enough to meet my children. I hope Emi Joy will have some memories of him.

this is one of the last days he was able to go outside

I love this one - where he is looking at Emi

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