Friday, May 17, 2013

Jack's Spring Program

Jack had his spring program at Farmington. He is not a fan of these things. The trouble starts when I walk into the cafeteria and he realizes that I am not coming up there to get him but that I am seated way too far away for his comfort. 

Notice the "what the heck are you doing way over there" look.

Another thing he has going against him is that he can't handle clapping which of course happens after every song. It is so pitiful - there are no words to describe it, just watch the video all the way through. And since the computer still hates me, here is the link:


This sweet little thing is Jack's girlfriend. She waits for him every morning and walks him to class. His teacher says that she takes care of him all day. She is the most precious little thing!!

After the traumatizing Spring Program, Jack needed some major consoling - I didn't mind the snuggle time at all ;)

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