Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 23

There was no Day 22 - I did not take a single photo while we were in Texas (I'm so ashamed of myself!!) Saturday was really fun visiting with relatives that we never get to see until lunch time when Emi started complaining of stomach pains. She tried really hard to keep playing and push through the pain but she was really hurting. The whole gang decided they would go out to eat for dinner and while at the restaurant Emi hit her breaking point. She was miserable. All of her symptoms were pointing to appendicitis. We debated whether to take her to the ER in Texas or just try to get home to Memphis but at this point she was finally comfortable and asleep so we decided to wait. The next day she was still in the same boat so we packed up and floored it back to Memphis. After many phone calls to various family members, nurses and friends we drove straight to Lebonheur where we sat for 4 hours in the waiting room with a bunch of people who did not have sick children and did NOT need to be there (that's another rant for another day). After blood work and x-rays all they could determine was that she was severely dehydrated - no appendicitis, thank goodness!! She got 2 bags of IV fluids and some sugar water to perk her up. We managed to make it almost 7 years without an ER visit with her and I hope to make it at least another 7. That was miserable!! Now that we've had her home, she is still pretty lethargic and grumpy and has had hives for 3 days so she has obviously had some type of virus - guess we'll never know. I'm just so glad we did not have to spend Christmas in the hospital!!!

my poor girl in the car as we were speeding home from Texas

waiting, waiting and waiting in the ER

finally in a room!!

Being in the hospital totally threw me. We got home at 5AM on christmas eve, slept until 10 and then had to be at my parents at 11 so needless to say I was not going to be cooking our traditional turkey, dressing, sweet potato and green bean casseroles like I do every year - we enjoyed a nice Huey's burger instead :) I have to say that while the Huey's burger was mighty good I really did miss our traditional christmas eve dinner where we eat by candlelight at the dining room table, just the 4 of us. Oh well, there's always next year ;) I'm just thankful my girl is home and healthy.

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