Friday, October 26, 2012

Zoo Boo

One of Emi's friends had a birthday party at Memphis Pizza Cafe and then we all headed to Zoo Boo. Of course the weather had been very warm until that day when the temperature dropped to 30 degrees - that's always our luck ;) Everyone was to arrive at MPC in their costumes to have pizza and cake. Everything was going well until I gave Jack a bite of cake and he threw up all over the table and himself (including his costume). LOVELY! Thank goodness it didn't appear to gross anyone out. About 2 seconds before Jack unloaded on the table, Emi asked me if she could go to the restroom - well in the midst of trying to save the Thor costume and clean the vomit off of the table, floor, wheelchair, ceiling, etc. Emily says to me "we can't find Emi, she's not in the restroom and she's not anywhere in the dining room" AAGGGGHHHHH!!!!! This is why I prefer not to go anywhere without Brian. So, of course, panic ensues. The other parents start frantically searching for her, I go check out in the parking lot and as I am about to completely lose it, I walk back into the restaurant and here she comes wandering out of the restroom - the MEN'S restroom. No one thought to check in there - Ha! Whew! After everyone was accounted for and cleaned up, we headed to the Zoo.

pre-vomit and amber alert incident 

made it to the zoo

our zoo boo crew

checking out the animals of the night

Thor showing off his muscles 

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