Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Car

This weekend I got a new car, well it's not really a car it's more like a tank. I'm still getting used to it - it's massive! We were very limited in our options - I need my 3rd row seat and I needed something we could put a wheelchair lift on and the only option was a Suburban or Yukon XL. 

here's the last shot of my van. she was good to us for 4 years.

the old car next to the new car

here is the new beauty. I like it but I am already missing the convenience of my van. It's kind of hard to get Jack in and out of this thing but the pay off will be that I won't have to lift his 60 pound wheelchair every time we get in and out of the car. My back can hardly wait ;)


Tyra Shortino said...

It’s hard to let go of something we have been used to for a long time. I understand that. But I guess this would be best for all of you in the long run. ;) Congrats on your new ride. Jack would be happy to know that your back can have some time off from lifting the wheel chair. Also, don’t forget to check your tires for uneven wear. This may cause the car to have a bumpy feel to it when driven.

Tyra Shortino

Kerstin Shed said...

This would indeed be best for you and your back. Your new car would definitely last as long as the old one with proper maintenance, so be sure to stick to maintenance schedules and try not to exceed your car’s maximum weight limit, as this would impose additional strain to your car’s engine.

Kerstin Shed