Monday, June 11, 2012

Losing Teeth

Last night Emi lost her 5th tooth. Losing teeth is quite the ordeal in the Matochik household. She will let them literally hang by a thread and then when we just can't take it anymore, it takes two of us to hold her down and pull it out (I'm sure our neighbors think we are murdering her). She has had this loose tooth for about a week and it kept bleeding every time she would eat anything so we told her it was time to come out. Backstory- she spent all last week at VBS at our church where the theme was Everything is Possible with God. After dinner she got up and pulled the tooth out all by herself and didn't make a peep. Afterwards she told me that she reminded herself that everything is possible with God and she knew that He would be with her. Seriously?!?!? How did I get so lucky to have a sweet little girl like her?

Her new toothless grin

Emi has lost 5 teeth and there has never been a time that she has allowed the tooth fairy in her room. She is totally freaked out by that concept so we leave a note for that tooth fairy that the tooth is on the kitchen counter. Same goes for the Easter Bunny and Santa - actually for those two we have to barricade the hallway so no one can get into her room :)

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