Monday, October 20, 2008


Good ole Dollywood. On our last day in Gatlinburg, we went to Dollywood. We heard it was great and that it was very family friendly. Well, it was great and it was incredibly family friendly, it was also incredibly elderly friendly as well. I am pretty sure that the elderly people out numbered us twenty to one. They have something like 30 musical shows playing 'round the clock and that, we figured out, was the attraction for the elderly. I was almost run over by a hoveround at least 10 times. All that aside, we had a blast and the scenery is gorgeous! They have a section called the County Fair and that is where all the kiddy rides are. They had a veggie-tales roller coaster, so Emi and Brian rode that first. I thought Emi would be terrified, she did have the look of pure fear on her face throughout the entire ride, but she says that it was her favorite ride. When asked if she wanted to ride it a second time, we quickly got a NO!

They are in the orange car

She made "Pinky Bear" at the Build-A-Bear workshop
We had to ride the t-sef (carousel, for those of you who don't speak Emi) several times!
Notice that Emi is hysterical, she hated the tea cups!
Poor Jack, all he did was hang in the harness or sit in the stroller. The only thing he got to ride was the train - and fell asleep before we left the station.
On the train, some "older" people shared a seat with us and while everyone else was enjoying the scenery they were plotting their attack on how many shows they could cram into the rest of the afternoon.
Yikes - I wonder what they are showing at these things!

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