Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The kids woke up to their annual easter basket scavenger hunt.

"Good Morning Jack!
It's Time to Rise!
Go and Follow Emi
For Your First Surprise!"

"Good Morning Emi - Rise and Shine
Get Up, Get Going. It's Egg Hunting Time!
Are You Ready? Good, Now Go Get Jack
Then Go To The Place
Where You Go For A Snack"

"Good Job Guys
This Egg Hunt Rocks
What Covers Your Dad's Stinky Feet?
That's Right - His Socks!"

"My, Oh My - You're Doing Great!
But, How About Some More?
For Your Next Clue Think About
What You Mom Uses to Suck Dust Dust Off the Floor?"

"Excellent Jack and Emi - We're Almost Done!
But Don't Sing the Blues
For the Final Treasure,
Find Dad's Dress Shoes"

Jack was way over this easter basket thing. He was ready for his milk and Elmo - he doesn't like to stray from his routine :)

all dressed for church

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