Thursday, December 4, 2008

Muscle Shoals

For Thanksgiving, we went to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and stayed at the Marriott Resort and Spa - it was awesome! We love that place, we go there every fourth of July for a long weekend - this year we went twice. In the lobby of the hotel they had a huge 20 foot tree with a train running underneath the tree. The train track was outlined with ginger-bread houses and the coolest part was they had a snow machine somehow on the ceiling and it was snowing in the lobby - real snow all day long on thanksgiving day. Let me just tell you that getting Emi out of the lobby was nearly impossible! I am pretty sure that I logged at least 8 hours in the lobby of that hotel while we were there.

Emi probably walked 2 miles following that train around the tree!

showing me where santa was

my little man chillin' in the hotel bed

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